Walking and Hikes

Ballyheigue is full of amazing walking routes with spectacular views. Ranging from Village Historical Loop Walk or 1.5km to the Kerryhead part of the North Kerry Way, there is something for everyone.

Historical Loop Walk (30 mins)
This is a route that loops around the village with marked points of interest details some of the History and Heritage of the Area. Starting near the Castle Gates you make your way down through the main street of Ballyheigue before turning left and following the route past the old creamery, and the Grotto to the top of Lady Wall before taking another left hand turn to loop back to the village via the Mountway, the Limekiln and the Old Graveyard.

Doon Loops (1,2 & 3) Loop 1: 4.5km, Loop 2: 5.5km, Loop 3: 8km
The Doon walking loops vary in distance depending on the route you take back to the village. The start takes you up the track beside the Castle Gates and up through the Limekiln before taking a left along the Doon road towards Ballylongane. You can then decide which road to follow to take you down to meet the Cliff Road which will lead you back to Ballyheigue. 

Black Rock Walk (1.5 Hours)
This is a beach walk to the Black Rock (which can be seen in the distance). It is approximately 6km to the rock and back along the beach. The walk is tidal and cannot be taken at high tide.

North Kerry Way
These walks are off road trails with varying distances and difficulty. See Map Below.

Further details and route maps will appear here shortly..